Paxil Flu Symptoms


Paroxetine is the chemical name for the antidepressant that most know as Paxil.  This medication is prescribed to treat a huge variety of problems including depression and anxiety.  While it is successful at treating these issues, Paxil can also cause very serious side effects that may outweigh its benefits.  One of the major problems with taking Paxil, however, is the fact that it can lead to a variety of withdrawal symptoms including vivid dreams, confusion, mood swings, and even Paxil flu symptoms.

The Causes of Withdrawal

The main reason that Paxil causes withdrawal symptoms is its short half life.  This is the amount of time it takes for the level of the drug in your system to reduce itself by half.  In the case of Paxil, this half life is twenty four short hours.  The brain prefers gradual changes, and such a sudden change in the chemicals inside it can drastically affect your mind and body, leading to numerous withdrawal symptoms or even Paxil flu symptoms.

The Paxil Flu

The Paxil flu is essentially a total shut down of your body’s immune system.  There are numerous Paxil flu symptoms, and they can be among the most serious and difficult problems you can ever face.  In many cases, your doctor will likely be unable to explain just what is happening since the maker of Paxil continues to deny the drug’s withdrawal symptoms even exist.  This has led to numerous lawsuits against the company.  Paxil flu symptoms are usually triggered if you do something as simple as miss a dose of Paxil and can continue until the dose is taken, much like a drug addict in need of their next ‘fix’.  Stopping Paxil cold turkey can lead to serious Paxil flu symptoms, which is why it should never be attempted.

Paxil Flu Symptoms

There are a wide variety of Paxil flu symptoms, and not everyone experiences the Paxil flu the same way.  You will likely feel like you have the flu, and intense dizziness, severe headaches, muscle pains, the feeling of electrical shocks in your body, vivid and terrifying nightmares, vertigo, and nausea are some of the most common Paxil flu symptoms that will occur when you stop taking the drug.  For some, these Paxil flu symptoms become so severe that suicidal thoughts increase.  In most cases, these symptoms will abate within one to six weeks.  But as anyone who has gone through the condition can tell you, those can be the longest weeks of your entire life.

Avoiding the Paxil Flu

The first step towards avoiding Paxil flu symptoms is to ensure that you gradually taper off of the medication instead of stopping it cold turkey.  Reducing your dosage little by little is the only safe way to discontinue use of the drug, but you will likely still experience some side effects during this process, and there is a chance that the Paxil flu will still affect you.  Boosting your body’s defenses with vitamin supplements can also help tremendously with avoiding Paxil flu symptoms, and vitamins E, C, and B-12 should become your best friends in the days leading up to the period when you step off the drug as well as during cessation.  Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine can also play a big part in avoiding the dreaded Paxil flu.  The weeks ahead may be rough, but remembering that the Paxil flu symptoms are only temporary is important.  Once you’re through them, you can reclaim your life and move past this dangerous medication.